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Welcome to, where you can get games that are entertaining, easy to understand, and reasonably priced.

By making our games accessible to gamers with special needs as well as those less challenged we make them easier to use for all.

Our Top 25 Accessible Gaming Web Sites Awards - 2016 are out! To See them, click here....

We're in Playboy. 7-128 Software is featured in a recent article in Playboy Magazine online. You can find it here.

Windows 10 We just upgraded our entire inventory to work with Windows 10. That's 32 GameBook games, 9 Pizza Games, and Duck! International, for a total of 42 games!

Game Finger We just added our 7-128 Software Game Finger (tm) feature to the Find It game in our Pizza Game series. The Game Finger on-board scanning feature enables our one-switch gamers to play the game.

A New Game We just released Here Comes the Duck! International. Fun for toddlers in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. Go to Games

You Can Not Fail Policy Responsive and effective resolution of any download problems. more...

Inspector Cyndi looking for clues


What We're Up to

We're working on some kiddie games.

We're also working on some mobile games.

We just upgraded our purchase software to make it more secure.
Revised: 11 September, 2016
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