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Seven People Inside Boston's Route-128

Our Mission:

To produce computer games that are Simply Entertainment.

By making our games easy to play, with controls that are well marked and easy to use, we provide just the entertainment.

By making our games accessible to gamers with special needs as well as those less challenged we make them easier to use for all.

Eleanor Robinson: Chief Operating Officer

Eleanor is a former Marine company commander (ideal to command our company) college teacher, state government bureau chief, and healthcare consultant.

She earned her Bachelor's Degree at Cedar Crest College and her Masters at SUNY Albany.

She was founding faculty at SUNY Schenectady County Community College.

She has been known to black-diamond ski.

When not running our business, Eleanor is an avid computer gamer.

Earle Robinson

Earle was an Army officer who fought in Korea.

After that, he was a Red Cross coordinator and auditor for the State of New York. Which made him perfect to be our Chief Financial Officer.

He earned his degree from the University of Maine.

In his later years he no longer jumped out of airplanes or scuba dived. He was perfecting his pool game.

Earle passed on to the Great Accounting after getting our enterprise launched.

Since Heaven is inconceivable without Harleys, we know what he's doing right now.

John Bannick: Chief Technology Officer

John is a former Air Force officer who lived in Europe and Asia, sailed across both oceans, and flew a jet, before graduating from the University of Washington.

He has designed, built, and shipped over 20 commercial software products, in addition to games.

He has led four R&D groups as Chief Scientist, Director, Vice President, and Chief Technical Officer.

Now he has much more fun as a contract Software Engineer at MIT Lincoln Laboratory researching, designing, and coding advanced software for our military and our intelligence community.

Cynthia Geller: VP Drama and Stories

Cyndi is a professional actor who has performed on stage, screen, TV, YouTube, and in video games in New York, Boston, and other venues.

She attended the University of Michigan. Wayne State University, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

She is co-founder of the New England Women's Jewelry Association.
She has been a highly successful political fund-raiser for Progressive causes.

When not performing, preparing to perform, or looking for a good place to perform, she can be found in London's West End, watching performances.

David Brown:

Dave served as a field social worker with Child Protective Services for 25 years on the mean streets of Chelsea, MA.

Before that, he taught English in rural North Carolina.

He has been a published author, rare book dealer, professional speaker, and a Socialist political activist.

He earned degrees from Northeastern University and Simmons College.
He was the perfect choice for our VP. Literary Arts.

He was, and still is, Wiccan.

Marcia Morrison: VP Audio and Video Arts

Marcia is a former rock and roll musician who performed in the western US, Canada, and Alaska. She is a graduate of Berklee College of Music.

She has done professional computer technical support, testing, and documentation.

She is a Master Gardener and a professional indexer.

She makes our stuff rock.

Barbara Bannick - RIP

Barbara died before this enterprise got fully launched.

After earning her Masters of Library Science from the University of Washington, she was head of Reference at the Somerville Public Library.

She did our research, was a major contributor to the notion of assistive technologies, and insightful critic of our software architecture.

She raced cars, shot a mean game of pool, and gardened.

She is missed.