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Accessible Learning through Entertainment and Recreation Tools - ALERT

The purpose of this project is to save you time and money.

You're interested in applying computer games in a learning environment for people who have special needs.

You already know how to apply your professional skills.

But computers, especially their accessibility features, are a mystery to you.

Here we provide information that tells you:
  • Where to get accessible games, at low cost, or for FREE
  • What to look for in selecting those games, with fewer costly mistakes
  • How to apply those games to your learning objectives, without a lot of mystery
  • Whom to go to for FREE help
To find out where to get accessible computer games, click here.

For examples of what to look for in selecting those games, click here.

For suggestions as to how to apply those games, click here.

To find out whom to go to for more help, click here.

This ALERT project is dedicated to a school psychologist who attended an assistive technology conference where the only material related to game accessibity referred to bowling.