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Why We Are Different

7-128 Software We are 7 long-time friends, living and working together, in north-suburban Boston (inside the Route 128 Beltway, thats how we got our name). We are Boomers-plus (ages 50s to 70s). Several years ago, we purchased a multi-unit Victorian house together, in order to plan for a comfortable retirement. That house is our home and the home of 7-128 Software, LLC

7-128 Software is the way we decided to pay the mortgage and finance our retirement. Half of us are ex-military, half are artists (actor, musician, writer). One of us is a computer programmer with a long-time goal of creating video games. Together we have the gaming, computer, and creative skills to make some great games.

SIMPLY ENTERTAINMENT Weve created (and are continuing to create) games that are meant to appeal to people like us busy, active people who just appreciate whiling away a few minutes (or hours) involved in casual computer games. We can play (and have) our games with nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. They are easy to play, yet mentally challenging.

Weve made many of our games playable by people who are blind, or deaf, or have trouble using a mouse or keyboard. In the process, we have met some really awesome people in those communities!

THE GAMES Our story games, like the twelve Inspector Cyndi in Newport games, were inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons campaign we played together for many years; and by many of the over one thousand books in our combined library. They interject little-known historic events into fictional stories that are the product of many long group meals and brainstorming sessions.

Our Tyler games test your memory, matching skills, and spatial judgment with puzzles that take you from pretty easy to quite challenging. Our word games are great brain exercise for those of us who are trying to keep our minds and vocabularies sharp as we age. The puzzle and word games are mostly the work of our Puzzle Meistress, with help from the Scrabble Shark and the Mensa Gal.

We release a new game every Month. Every other month that game is FREE (see Popcorn Games). Weve kept the cost of our games at a very affordable level because we believe that computer games should engage your mind and imagination without stressing your wallet.

ENJOYMENT So try our games. We enjoy making them. We hope you'll enjoy playing them.

Cynthia Geller
VP Marketing and Sales
7-128 Software

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