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Image of a snowflake, sort of The objective of Snowflake is to pick one memorized Snowflake from a Selection Set of Snowflakes.

In this game a Snowflake is a set of images or, if you are using a screen reader, a set of numbers.

To play this game:

1. Memorize the Study Snowflake

2. After the Study Period ends, select the Study Snowflake from the Selection Set of Snowflakes. If you are correct, you go up a level. Otherwise, you repeat the puzzle.

You may end the study period early by selecting the End Study button.

This game has 10 levels.

For more on how to play this game, or help at any time, hit the F1 key. For blind-specific information, hit the F2 key.

Screen shot from game
Snowflake is intended for age 7 through adult
Snowflake is rated B L, D F, N I
Click here for definitions of the 7-128 Software Accessibility ratings.

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