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Word Jungle

Image of a monkey The objective of this game is to find the listed hidden words in a large grid of letters.

To play this game:

1. Identify a word from the word list. These words may be horizontal, vertical or at an angle from top to bottom.

2. Select the word by clicking on the letters. If the word is on the word list, it will change color.

3. When you have found all ten words in the word list, the bonus round will start.

4. Find as many words as you can in the grid in the time allowed. Letters that are in the words you have already found may be used again. Words submitted will be checked in the dictionary and if they are valid words will change color.

The Easy button lists the words to be found while the Standard difficulty only lists the category of words.

For help, hit the F1 key.

Screen shot from game
For a bigger challenge, turn the Easy button off and play without the displayed list.

Word Jungle is intended for age 10 through adult
Word Jungle is rated C B, D F, M I, N I
Click here for definitions of the 7-128 Software Accessibility ratings.

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