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The Definition Game

A Duck! The objective of this game is to select the correct definition.

A test word is displayed and spoken. A list of four candidate definitions is displayed and spoken.

Select the definition that best fits with the displayed word.

To select the correct definition, press the A, B, C, D key or mouse the correct answer. You can also use the up and down arrow keys to move among the answers.

If you are correct, you go up a level. If you are not correct, you get to try again.

There are 10 levels.

To speak the test word and the four candidate definitions at any time, press the Space Bar.

For help, hit the F1 key. For blind-specific help, hit the F2 key.

Speed and accuracy will give you the highest score.

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The Definition Game is intended for age 10 through adult
The Definition Game is rated B L, V I, C B, D F, M I, N I
Click here for definitions of the 7-128 Software Accessibility ratings.

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