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Spelling Bee

A rather intelligent looking bee The objective of this game is to correctly spell as many words as possible as fast as you can.

To play this game:

1. The game speaks the word, its definition, and how many letters it has.

2. You type in the correct spelling of the word.

3. To submit your solution, hit the Enter key or select the Submit button.

You get fewer points if you take longer.

If you are correct, you get points and a new word.

The game continues as long as you spell words correctly.

For help, hit the F1 key. For blind-specific help, hit the F2 key.

Screen shot from game
Spelling Bee is intended for age 10 through adult
Spelling Bee is rated B L, V I, C B, D F, M I, N I
Click here for definitions of the 7-128 Software Accessibility ratings.

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