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Inspector Cyndi in Newport - Dead Man's Chest

Image of Nell Found treasure isn't usually a problem.

But Judge Perspicacious has given you a limited amount of time to find its lawful owner.

Meanwhile, your boss, Chief Inspector Skye, is fielding constant messages from Hizonner the Mayor, The Honourable Governor, and the US Treasury, all of whom want that treasure for their constituents.

Is it Pirate treasure? Loot from the Newport Bank robbery? Part of the Sack of Newport? Or something more mysterious?

You will need all of your detective skills to solve this mystery. Are you up to it?

Question witnesses and suspects around Newport.

Maybe Inspector Cyndi can offer you some help.

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Inspector Cyndi games are intended for age 10 through adult
Inspector Cyndi games are rated B L, V I, C B, D F, M I, N I
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