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How to Download and Install our Games on Windows 8

With Windows 8, Microsoft has changed the way they handle the download and installation of programs.

This is true for our games as well as anything else you download from anywhere except the Microsoft app store. So what you learn here you can apply to any other programs you do not get from the Microsoft app store.

Downloading your Game

If you are downloading via Internet Explorer, do not use the Save button. This will save your game in a file named Download.

Files named Download can not be run. That means you can not use them to install your game.

Also, you overwrite any previous file you have downloaded.

We suggest you use the Save As button, and name your file something like setup1.exe.

But be sure to name subsequent downloads something like setup2.exe, setup3.exe, else you could overwrite previous downloads.

Other browsers don't have this problem.

Installing your Game

Step 1. Ask Windows 8 for "More Info"

After your game is downloaded, when you try to start the install program, Windows 8 will tell you:

"Windows Smartscreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk."

On the same page as that message, Windows 8 offers a tiny link labelled "more info".

Click that link.

Step 2. Tell Windows 8 to "Run Anyway"

Windows 8 then tells you, "Windows protected your PC." and offers you two buttons: "Run Anyway" and "Don't run".

Click the "Run Anyway" button.

Step 3. Tell Windows 8 A Second Time to Run your Install Program

After you have told Windows 8 to "Run Anyway" it asks you again:

"Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes on this computer?"

Click the "Yes" button.

This will start our installation program that you have just downloaded, and install your game.

Our installation programs work with JAWS.

You can use these steps to install any program, not just our games.

Getting Help

If for any reason you are unable to download one of our games, please contact us via our Contact page.

Our You Can Not Fail policy means that we will quickly and effectively resolve any download problem, at no cost to you. To see our You Can Not Fail policy, click here.