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Game Book is Released


7-128 Software, the newest player in the casual games market, announces the release of its first 8 Simply Entertainment™ games. The games are family friendly, require no manuals, and can be played on computers available 5 years ago.
Individual games cost $5 - $10 dollars. Games are downloadable from, or can be shipped on a CD. The games run in the 7-128 Software Game Book, which includes 4 initial games and costs $25.
Chief Technology Officer, John Bannick explains the GAME BOOK strategy. “You have one place from which to launch all of our games. The Game Book acts as a binder for storing all your games in one, easily accessible, place. Games come in sets of 12, all with the same controls, so there’s no need to relearn every game. The Game Book is a common engine required to run all the games. The Game Book takes only one icon on your desktop, and makes a smaller footprint on your computer.”
“Our games provide the entertainment equivalent of a magazine or a movie”, says Chief Operating Officer, Eleanor Robinson. “They entertain you with stories, puzzles and word problems that challenge your mind, not just your twitch reflex”. Simply Entertainment games contain no sexual or violent content. Many have educational value, for both children and adults, and provide the “brain exercise” that many seniors (avid gamers or not) are seeking these days.
The Simply Entertainment games include:
INSPECTOR CYNDI IN NEWPORT, a series of 12 story games, set in Newport, RI in the 1890’s. You solve mysteries with the help of clues from an ensemble cast of characters, and the assistance of Inspector Cyndi.
TYLER puzzles which challenge your memory, pattern recognition, and spatial skills. They are easy to play, and hard to master!
POPCORN GAMES, simple word puzzles and arcade games, which are available--- FREE--- every other week.
7-128 Software releases a new game every Thursday at
Salem, MA January 2, 2007

Cynthia A. Geller
V.P. Marketing and Sales
7-128 Software

(978) 745-0160