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Accessible Learning through Entertainment and Recreation Tools - ALERT

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Game Accessibility Special Interest Group (GA-SIG) and 7-128 Software are pleased to announce the release of the Accessible Learning through Entertainment and Recreation Tools (ALERT) Project.
The ALERT Project is a free on-line service for people searching for free or low-cost accessible computer games suitable for learning or rehabilitative environments. The service provides the following information:
  1. Where to get those games for free or at low cost
  2. What to look for in selecting those games, quickly, and with fewer costly mistakes
  3. How to apply those games to learning objectives
  4. Who to go to for help (ALERT Accessible Games Experts)
This information will be updated over the course of 2008 with a growing series of "How To" articles written by Eleanor Robinson, former college instructor and current game developer.
The ALERT Project is a result of information requests about available resources from educators to the IGDA GA-SIG and to 7-128 Software. "As both a game industry consultant about accessibility and as an educational psychologist, when the ALERT Project was originally announced I immediately thought about getting the word out about the project to people working in the field of education, including those in special education and educational technology. With funding crises in education, particularly in the United States, schools could really benefit from this free resource that could help many students, particularly those with disabilities, gain the educational opportunities that educational games can provide," Michelle Hinn, IGDA GA-SIG Chairperson said.
Hinn is one of the Accessibility Experts who have volunteered to answer questions related to accessible games. Other IGDA GA-SIG members who are Accessibility Experts working with 7-128 Software include: Reid Kimball, Barrie Ellis, Mark Barlet, Thomas Westin, Eelke Folmer, and John Bannick, CTO of 7-128 Software.
"With the ALERT Project, we've tried to answer the plea of school psychologists, special education teachers, geriatric care managers, and similar professionals who want to use computer games with their students and patients but don't know where to start," said Bannick.
The ALERT Project is available without cost or registration at
About the IGDA Game Accessibility Special Interest Group (GA-SIG)
The IGDA Game Accessibility SIG is a game industry advocacy group formed to promote awareness of the issues that gamers with disabilities face and to help provide solutions that can be used to design games that are accessible to all. For more information on the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG, please visit -- Press inquiries should be directed to the SIG chairperson Michelle Hinn at or by mobile phone at 1.217.898.9684.
About the International Game Developers Association (IGDA)
The International Game Developers Association is a non-profit professional society that is committee to advancing the careers and enhancing the lives of game developers by connecting members with their peers, promoting professional development, and advocating on issues that affect the developer community. For more information on the IGDA, please visit
About 7-128 Software
7-128 Software is a game development studio in the casual games market. They have released over 30 games, including the Inspector Cyndi in Newport mystery series. The various games are accessible to gamers with visual, auditory, cognitive, and mobility impairments. Many of these games are also focused on "brain training." For more information about 7-128 Software, please visit -- Press inquires should be directed to Cynthia A Geller, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, at or at 1.978.745.0160.
Champaign, IL and Salem, MA, April 2, 2008
For more information contact:

Cynthia A. Geller
V.P. Marketing and Sales
7-128 Software

(978) 745-0160