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7-128 Software Games Support Utter Command

7-128 Software is pleased to announce the release of an upgrade to two of our GameBook games, specifically to support UtterCommand speech interface software.
Utter Command is a speech command system for controlling computers. It works with the NaturallySpeaking speech engine.
UC commands work across all programs. No matter what programs you use, you’ll be able to do everything by speech that you can using the keyboard and mouse, usually faster.
UC commands are easy to say and easy to remember. They're also easy to combine, which makes for fast, efficient computing. Utter Command gives you one-step file, folder and Web site access, advanced Web search and email, and windows-handling abilities that outpace the keyboard and mouse.
7-128 Software has upgraded two of our Woople series of word games: Word Away and Word Jungle, to work with Utter Command. It is now incredibly easy to play both games totally hands-free. Adding Utter Command makes games that are already entertaining and fun, accessible to gamers with motion impairments.
Salem, MA October 15, 2008
For more information contact:

Cynthia A. Geller
V.P. Marketing and Sales
7-128 Software

(978) 745-0160