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Women in Gaming Presentation

Salem, MA - March 29, 2011 Eleanor Robinson, Chief Operating Officer of 7-128 Software, presented "Accessible Game Development" at the March meeting of the Boston chapter of the International Game Developers Association - Women in Gaming special interest group.
The turnout was large. The discussion with Robinson and 7-128 Software Marketing VP, Cynthia Geller, was lively as the women developers discussed how to make their games accessible to gamers with a variety of special needs.
Robinson's presentation was based on her whitepaper, Gaming on a Collision Course - Averting significant revenue loss by making games accessible to older Americans, which she presented at the 2010 Games for Health Conference.

The presentation was also based on more recent work in developing 7-128 Software's companion Web site,, which shows gamers who are blind how to reach developers and developers how to make games accessible for blind gamers.
Robinson is an active game developer and recognized expert in game accessibility across multiple modes: vision, hearing, and motion-impairment.
ABOUT 7-128 Software
7-128 Software a small Salem software company that is unique in that many of its mainstream videogames are designed from the start to be playable also by the blind, the deaf, or the motion impaired.
Its more than 30 games include the Inspector Cyndi in Newport series, word games, and puzzle games. Itís game, Here comes the Duck! is possibly the only computer game anywhere playable by a blind two-year old.
For more information contact:

Cynthia A. Geller
V.P. Marketing and Sales
7-128 Software

(978) 745-0160