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Eleanor Robinson Presents Game Development

Salem, MA October 16, 2015 Eleanor Robinson, Chief Operating Officer for 7-128 Software, presented a talk on the process of game development at Tower School in Marblehead, MA.
The talk was presented to 5th and 7th graders who are developing games as part of their class studies.
Following the presentation Robinson led a vigorous discussion of the game development process.
The kids were enthusiastic and the teacher later reported that they were happy to have a professional developer they could talk to and had been motivated in their projects.
ABOUT 7-128 Software
7-128 Software a small Salem software company that is unique in that many of its mainstream videogames are designed from the start to be playable also by the blind, the deaf, or the motion impaired.
Its more than 40 games include the Inspector Cyndi in Newport series, word games, arcade, and puzzle games. Itís game, Here comes the Duck! is possibly the only computer game anywhere playable by a blind two-year old.
For more information contact:

Cynthia A. Geller
V.P. Marketing and Sales
7-128 Software

(978) 745-0160