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7-128 Donates Game to Orphanages Worldwide

Salem, MA October 5, 2017 7-128 Software games are now FREE.

Our company is pivoting from desktop games to mobile games.

Since we are totally focused on designing, coding, and testing our mobile, on both Android and Apple mobile devices, we have no time to adequately support our desktop games.

What we can't adequately support, we won't charge for. Hence, all of our desktop games are now totally FREE.

Meanwhile, we put our first new mobile game into Beta testing today.

It's an Itty Bitty Kiddie Game, intended for infants. Our 1, 2, and 3 year old initial Beta testers are already filing Feedback Reports.

Stay tuned.

ABOUT 7-128 Software
7-128 Software a small Salem software company that is unique in that many of its mainstream videogames are designed from the start to be playable also by the blind, the deaf, or the motion impaired.
Its more than 30 games include the Inspector Cyndi in Newport series, word games, and puzzle games. Itís game, Here comes the Duck! is possibly the only computer game anywhere playable by a blind two-year old.
For more information contact:

Cynthia A. Geller
V.P. Marketing and Sales
7-128 Software

(978) 745-0160