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Question: Which president followed Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Answer: Harry S. Truman


Harry S. Truman 1884 - 1972 was Vice President in 1945 when Franklin Roosevelt died.

Truman had fought as an artillery officer in France in World War I. He was a businessman and Senator from Missouri.

When he assumed the Presidency, he had no knowledge of the Atom Bomb. Truman's controversial decision to drop two Atom Bombs on Japan gave the Japanese peace party the support it needed to overthrow the war party. This saved millions of Japanese and Americans from the death and destruction of our ongoing massive non-nuclear firebombing and our two planned invasions of Japan.

In 1948, during the Berlin Blockade, Truman's use of airlifted food and a threat to use the Atom Bomb stopped the Russian army from taking Berlin from American, French, and British occupation forces. His Truman Doctrine provided material aid to Turkey and Greece in their resistance to Communist guerillas.

Truman's administration included America helping found the United Nations, the Marshall Plan American economic aid to both sides recovering from World War II, the founding of NATO, and the Korean War. In 1948, Truman issued a Presidential decree that racially integrated the American armed forces.

Truman was the President who said "The buck stops here" and "If you can't stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen." He is regarded by many as one of our best Presidents.