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Question: Who was the only American president elected four times?

Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt


Franklin D. Roosevelt was first elected to office in 1928 when he became governor of New York State.

Confined to a wheelchair due to polio, his first presidential election was in 1932.

At that time the American economy was so bad that all banks in all states but two had shut their doors and people could not get money to feed their familys. American business leaders had offered Roosevelt the dictatorship of our country, as had been done in Italy and Germany. He declined.

He was elected three more times, through the Great Depression and World War II, serving until his death from overwork, in 1945.

He proposed and worked to enact a number of important programs including Social Security.

An amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1951 that limited the terms served by an American president to two terms. Therefore, no president after that date can serve four terms as did President Roosevelt.