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Welcome to, where you can get games that are entertaining, easy to understand, and reasonably priced.


Most of our games are accessible by people with special needs.

By making our games accessible to gamers with special needs as well as those less challenged we make them easier to use for all.

FREE Games!

We're pivoting our company.

We are no longer making desktop games. All of our efforts are now focused on mobile games.

Therefore, all of our desktop games are now FREE. Just go through our electronic store front, but you won't be asked for any payment information. The download is totally FREE.

Because our games are now FREE:

  • We are no longer able to offer technical support for our desktop games
  • We no longer ship our games on CDs. The only way to get them is via electronic download.

Just released - Mittens Kittens mobile game

Meanwhile, our first mobile game , Mittens Kittens, was just accepted into Google Play

It's designed for toddlers ages 3 - 5. You can get it at: Google Play.

Note: Because this is our very first mobile game, it has no special accessibility features.

We are learning how to make mobile games accessible to gamers with vision, hearing, and motion special needs.

Inspector Cyndi looking for clues


What We're Up to

Our first Itty Bitty Kiddie mobile game, Mittens Kittens, was just accepted into Google Play

We're working on getting it accepted by the Apple App Store

Revised: 6 October, 2018
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